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Serving my blog posts as Linux manual pages | James' Coffee Blog

Fun :D

You Don’t Need a Writing Ritual

If regular traveling has taught me anything, it’s that you can never depend on circumstance. You can only depend on yourself. And if there’s one writing skill that’s overlooked, then it’s the ability to just write as and when you choose, regardless of where you are, the time of day, or how comfortable you feel (and I mean that in a physical and symbolic sense).

Doctorow states in his own words:
“I learned to write crammed into coach seats with my laptop keyboard practically vertical, my wrists bent back at an agonizing angle. Between flights, I’d write crouched on the floor under the water fountain between the toilets in the departure lounge, nailing the only outlet and plugging in my travel power strip to share with others. […] I have written so much in so many places that the desk and the comfy chair and the big monitor are largely aspirational for me — the kind of place I’d like to be writing in, but rarely the place where I end up writing.”

TL;DR? Write how and where you want to write. And if you can’t, write anyway.

If I were ever to make an RSS service … | Leon Mika

If I were ever to make an RSS service like Feedbin, I’d probably add a feature which would delay some items until a specific day of the week. Some posts I get feel more suitable for weekend reading.

Blogging Isn't Always Easy

To be honest, I am only here because it's a habit, and I like playing around with my website. It's fine to write about your life and other such interests. My favourite blogs to follow do exactly that, but it's absolutely understandable if you don't want to do that.


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Accessibility isn't just about ramps and screen readers.

It's about creating environments where everyone, regardless of ability, can thrive.

Let's make accessibility a priority in everything we do.

plenaryapp/awesome-rss-feeds: Awesome RSS feeds - A curated list of RSS feeds (and OPML files) used in Recommended Feeds and local news sections of Plenary - an RSS reader, article downloader and a podcast player app for android
The path to becoming a publisher - Piccalilli

How to fill the gap left by the GOAT css tricks?

Look, the dream goal is Piccalilli fills a hole that’s been left by Digital Ocean and their mis-handling of CSS-Tricks.

Software engineering practices I like, in 2024

Every couple of years in software development, the meta changes. Libraries and frameworks are rotated in and out of popularity, languages evolve and best practices change. These are some of my personal beliefs1 on what the current meta is, and what parts are worth adopting.

Now is better than never.
Although never is often better than right now.

  1. Use statically typed languages over dynamically typed languages
  2. Use automatic formatting
  3. Parse, don’t validate
  4. Use union types
  5. Parse, don't validate
  6. Avoid abstracting too early
  7. Be aware of monads and functors
  8. Accept that generative AI is here to stay
  9. Prefer integration tests over unit tests
  10. Be kind during code reviews
  11. Respect a candidate’s time
  12. Pair or mob program frequently
  13. Pick a git commit format and stick to it
  14. Use Dependabot and friends for dependency maintenance
  15. Write infrastructure-as-code
  16. Use platforms that allow developers to focus on the code
  17. Use queues as data sources
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